K2 Spice Spray OMG

K2 Spice Spray OMG

K2 Spice Spray OMG

$155 - $150

k2 spice spray 50mL bottle

odorless and colorless 

This 50ml will spray a whole A4 paper sheet....

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k2 spray for sale spices | where to buy k2 spice spray


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We recommend that you consume your k2 spray in a controlled environment such as your home or private place where there is no risk of being caught by law enforcement officials who may think you are selling drugs because they can smell it from afar


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has classified K2 as a Schedule I Controlled Substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This means that K2 is considered highly addictive and has no accepted medical use.


Effects of OMG K2 Spice Liquid Spray

The K2 spice spray is an alternative to smoking marijuana. The k2 paper spray is a legal high and it is also called K2 synthetic cannabis. It is a psychoactive drug that can be sprayed on the tongue, smoked, or eaten.

It is made from herbs and spices such as plant material that contains chemicals called cannabinoids, which are similar to those produced naturally by the body. The effects of this product may vary from person to person.

K2 Spice Spray OMG

Each A4 sheet is installed with 25 ml=0.845351 liquid oz of fluid K2. This paper is scentless and colorless. Purchase fluid k2 on paper at a sensible cost at ultra psychedelic.

Submit your request for fluid k2 on paper and get it at your doorstep. Buy liquid K2 on paper online at our online shop. k2 spray on paper only at ultrapsychedelic

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