Ayahuasca Tea in Grams

Ayahuasca Tea in Grams

Ayahuasca Tea in Grams

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ayahuasca buy online uk

We will mail you the paste made from Banisteriopsis caapi resin and ayahuasca extract from Chacruna resin (Psychotria viridis).

Unlike other kits, this one doesn't require an 8+ hour brew time. Thus, to make instant coffee, all you have to do is heat some water and stir it in.

And it will be prepared!
You don't need to look anywhere else because this is unique and perfected to provide you with the smoothest possible experience in ayahuasca buy online uk


  • 360 grams of Fresh Ayahuasca Resin
  • 500 mL Yields
  • 12 Transcendent Trips
  • 240 Grams Fresh Ayahuasca Resin
  • 310mL Yields
  • 8 Transcendent Trips

 Best for 2 people or multiple one-person sessions. Micro dosing for lasting effects.

  • 120 Gr Fresh Ayahuasca Resin
  • 160 mL Yields
  • 4 Transcendent Trips

Best for 1 person – First timer

ayahuasca for sale for sale Austrialia

A retreat is the obvious choice if you want to go deep and discover medicine's limitless gifts. that is why you need to visit Ayahuasca buy online uk

Deep healing is a process that cannot be rushed, and if you truly want to benefit from Mother Ayahuasca's gifts, you won't be doing it in your room by yourself or with friends.

If you attempt to sit with Ayahuasca yourself, you will undoubtedly have a very negative experience.

Instead, you must hire a professional shaman to hold space for you.

This isn't something you "just try" or take like a drug.

Please return later when you are ready to undertake genuine inner work and healing if your motivations are not centered on your own deepest healing but rather on your curiosity about trying ayahuasca online UK.



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