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Ketamine Clinics: A pathfinder for Psychedelic therapy 18 Mar, 2023

Ketamine Clinics: A pathfinder for Psychedelic therapy

Field Trip, a luxury ketamine clinic in Los Angeles, is the perfect place that comes to mind when you think of the best site for psychedelic therapy. Imagine you walking into a remarkable edifice on a shining day. The Elevator doors lead you into a sky-lit lobby, and you are met with things that bring tranquility to the mind, something like Buddha statues, rock salt lamps, and the soothing sounds of jazz piano. You exchange your shoes for a fluffy pair of hotel slippers. It could be an exclusive resort or yoga studio. You are then guided into a darkened room where you are about to be wrapped in a ketamine experience. You are comfortable in a vibrating massage chair, a needle in your arm instills the Ketamine into your bloodstream, and then there are epiphanies; you are wrapped in another realm in your subconscious with a deep sense of calm set in. Coming back from the trip, the warm hands of your therapist that mete out more calmness holds your hand. Then your therapist with a snack ready with a soothing voice to talk with you.

I bet anyone will kill for this experience! Right? Even though this experience provided by Field Trip is a mind-bogglingluxury for privileged people, it is still the cutting edge of psychedelic therapy presently. People keep wondering whether ketamine clinics may all need and serve as a model for a wider variety of psychedelics if and when they are legalized soon. Suppose it will be a new standard and made better. As of now, the only Ketamine that is psychedelic legal and which is available for clinical use is the Schedule III drug. It is mainly used as an anesthetic, but now we see licensed practitioners prescribing it off-label for mental health conditions. They recommend that users buy shrooms online from credible vendors.

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Soon, psychedelic therapy will be legalized by law in more places. It will allow more options of psychedelics to be available for treatment. In 2023, there should be an approval of MDMA by the FDA for PTSD. Usona is a nonprofit organization presently studying, exploring, and investigating psilocybin for depression treatment has refused to divulge the timeline for FDA approval. Still, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and Compass have revealed that In 2025 they will use psilocybin to treat depression. But caution has to be taken for this to be done. According to Dr. Casey Paleos, a science director of ketamine therapy service Mindbloom conducting drug-assisted therapy is unprecedented territory. It requires regulations since it is an unfamiliar process as only drugs are given to patients and not used during the therapy process.

If psychedelic therapy is done, it has to be done well. When made legal, psychedelic therapy with MDMA and psilocybin must be monitored and controlled. No one should buy shrooms online anywhere only to abuse their use. By this we mean, it is inappropriate to use shrooms more than you can actually handle.

The right should be done until practitioners can find their way around the uncharted territory using its official protocol called REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy). It was developed by the FDA set to be published so that the future of psychedelic therapy will not remain blurred. Before we get to that, the future ketamine clinics have the upper hand now. That is the safe way; for now, it is the setting model for the future of psychedelic therapy. But there are still concerns about it. But still, the psychedelics hold a better promise with ketamine clinics popping up.

The Ketamine clinic market is booming now though we cannot precisely estimate the size of the market. Now you can find ketamine clinics all around America. The marketing agency Ketamine Media has over 600 ketamine clinics in their database. Though there is inadequate data on the size of the ketamine clinic market precisely, Canaccord Genuity, an investment banking and financial services firm, investigated and estimated the market size for all psychedelic-derived medicines and therapies to be $100 billion.

Field Trip is different from most ketamine clinics that conduct impersonal procedures by offering infusions by the anesthesiologists. Pumping the drug into your veins and then showing you the door, and that is all. The distinctiveness of Field Trip is that they don’t only infuse you with drugs; you also have a therapist help you in the psychotherapy, there is an integration of both. This distinction from others is vital, as professional therapy is almost undoubtedly compulsory for MDMA and psilocybin. Patients must be cross-trained for psychedelic psychotherapy working with Ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin.

Ketamine clinics are looking to expand into other psychedelics, mainly hoping that more states legalize psychedelic therapy. They seek to give psychotherapy and infusions in a controlled and monitored way. Until now, there are no laid down protocols to follow for psychotherapy using psychedelics, but many are following the patterns already laid down from the best practices from the FDA’s clinical studies and underground psychedelic therapists. Field Trip, led by the executive chairman, had a great vision. Two years ago, since they realized that people would soon start using psilocybin and MDMA for psychedelic-assisted therapies, they thought of ways to build a brand. They connected the dots and chose to begin a company that will provide psychedelic-assisted treatments using Ketamine.

The truth is that visiting a ketamine clinic for treatment is still a luxury many cannot afford. Field Trip has pretty fair packages. In a Ketamine clinic, infusions can cost between $400 and $2000 per treatment, and most clinics recommend that you take the first six treatments course. The six-week package costs around $6000. Another Ketamine clinic is Awakn, the UK’s first ketamine clinic. They offer a ten-week package for £6,000, about $8000. The Government hasn’t yet seen a need to make this treatment accessible to many, obviously because it is not legalized in some states. So as now government programs and most health insurance cannot cover ketamine therapy, only patients who have the money can afford it. With his team, Ben Sessa, the founder of Awakn, is looking for ways to make these treatments accessible. They don’t even wait until the Government funds the treatments before that happens; they want it to be affordable to everyone at a price they can pay for. Even though some people can buy shrooms online, using them in psychedelic therapy in a Ketamine Clinic is still the best.

Ketamine Clinic even costs less compared to the use of MDMA and psilocybin for psychotherapy. The Ketamine clinic takes only about 90 minutes, while the integration of MDMA and psilocybin trips can go for six hours, making it costlier. There needs to be either a psychiatrist or nurse who will be a prescriber; some trained professional is required for the room. It attracts extra costs because at least two therapists should be around throughout the whole time to be monitored. The goal is to make the treatment accessible to all. Even though the FDA hasn’t approved MDMA and psilocybin therapy, the goal is that soon therapy will be covered by insurance because having insurance helps treatments make the treatment available to all.

Another cheaper option is a Headspace-like online platform called Mindbloom; it costs around $1100 for six ketamine treatment sessions over three months. The patients don’t have to come to the clinic physically. The psychiatrists prescribe Ketamine to the patients while The Company, through its compounding pharmacies, ship sublingual ketamine tablets through the mail to their clients. Another feature they have is giving their clients a “Bloombox” treatment kit with a complete package containing an eye mask, notebook, and container to hold their medicine. They also offer virtual integration sessions and allow unlimited texting between the clients and practitioners. As soon as FDA approves, Mindbloom will be expanding into psilocybin and MDMA. They don’t know if the expansion will allow MDMA and psilocybin over virtual apps.

But no matter how Ketamine clinics are paving the way for legal psychedelic therapy, it has to be still monitored so that the process won’t be abused. Indeed, ketamine clinics are cutting into the psychedelic world and beating private practices through already in existence.

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