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Shroom Tea: A Complete Guide To Making Shroom Tea 18 Mar, 2023

Shroom Tea: A Complete Guide To Making Shroom Tea

According to experts, making tea from shrooms is an exciting way to use magic mushrooms. Dr. Michele Ross is one notable professional who has put shroom tea’s use case in a medical perspective.

When preparing myself for the day, I love to breathe in the earthy steam that comes from allowing my mushroom tea to steep. I also love the beautiful sight of the indigo color of the tea; it’s thrilling. Like many others, I’ve grown accustomed to taking shrooms tea. It is my favorite method of consuming magic mushrooms. In the book I authored, “Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion,” I recommended this method too.

I love it for two reasons why I love this method: firstly, taking the teas is more attractive than chewing shrooms. Secondly, the stomach gets to digest it more than when I chew. Interestingly, I’ve created a small tradition when I made my shrooms tea. I use the time to organize my thought and call my busy mind to focus.

Taking Shrooms Tea Vs. Eating Shrooms: Why Go For Tea?

Isn’t consuming shrooms having the same result? Is there an actual difference between taking the tea and eating it? I created a survey on shrooms tea with over 50 participants. Something uniquely stood out; the stomach appreciated the shroom tea than chewing raw magic mushrooms. I can also testify to that fact as I quickly get nauseated. Shrooms tea reduces the chance of getting nausea for many people.

The raw mushroom is hard on the digestive system, and it is difficult to digest and makes one nauseous. It is caused by a component like chitin which is the main structure of the fungi’s cell wall. When you allow them to settle in hot water for a few minutes, the chitin and similar mushroom components weaken and break off. The psilocybin gets extracted during that process. That way, your psychedelic tea is produced. This tea is more accessible for the stomach to digest. You can buy shrooms online and other shrooms products in Canada.

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Benefits of Shroom Tea

Beyond the difficulty of chewing and swallowing dried shrooms, another drawback is the taste. It is an unpleasant experience for many people. You cant successfully chew and swallow without gagging. Many people make their shrooms to tea; they also add their favorite tea bag to give it a flavor they like.

In my book “Your psilocybin Companion,” I recommended honey and ginger as an additive to better the taste and aid digestion. But the participants of the survey had other exciting ideas. Many documented adding licorice root, while some reported adding hibiscus. Some different famous flavors include chamomile and green tea bags. However, some prefer lemon peel or lemon itself.

 More than just making the shroom digestion easy, many of the participants documented that they enjoy the tradition of making their shroom tea just like I do. Like my participants and me, the mushroom tea brewing process has become a sacred ceremony to many other people. It helps us prepare our mind, body, and soul for the trip ahead. You can buy shrooms tea, and also buy shrooms in Canada.

What’s The Effect Of Shroom Tea? Does It Alter The Experience?

The shrooms tea makes the one feel more substantial, while the effect also sets in faster than when you consume other methods. Beyond that, some report that the type of herb or tea bag they mix with their tea affects the shroom experience.

Any tea you mix your shroom tea with has its unique effect. For Catuaba bark, it’s an arousal effect, while for lavender, it’s a calming sensation. Every tea bag is unique in its way.

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How do I Make Shroom Tea

There are numerous recipes online for shrooms tea– no recipe is absolute. They are all the same, just with one or two minor tweaks. I prefer it simple; the simpler, the better. I’ve stuck to this recipe for many years, and it has always yielded remarkable results. The potency of the tea is still intact.

Simple Recipe for Shroom Tea

With these simple six steps, you can easily make and enjoy your shrooms tea.

Step 1: You will need a digital scale for this. Measure the exact dose of shroom you want. A scale is essential as it prevents overdose or under-dose.

Step 2: if you already have the shrooms in powder form, you will need a grinder for this. Grind your mushroom and turn them into powder form. You can use a coffee or cannabis grinder for this.

Step 3: Get ginger, chop some and add to your mushroom.

Step 4: When your water is hot, you can pour it on your ginger and mushroom mix. (for better flavor, you can add a tea bag its optional)

Step 5: Allow everything to settle for about 12 to 15 minutes.

Step 6: To give it a good taste, add honey and enjoy your tea.

If you experience nausea, use a filter to separate the shrooms bits from the tea. Then you enjoy your tea alone. Ultimately, consuming your shrooms in tea form makes it easy for your taste bud and the digestive system to process. It slightly alters the experience. But it is worth noting that the effect may be more potent and kick in faster than when you consume shrooms in other forms. For your shroom trip, buy shrooms in Canada and ensure you stay in an environment where you feel safe and secure.

Can Shrooms Be Addictive?

John Hopkins University started carrying out severe clinical trials early in the 2000s. They wanted to know more about the promises psilocybin posses for terminally ill patients, those who suffer from anxiety, end-of-life distress, and depression. The FDA tasked them with researching to ensure that healthy adults can use psilocybin without any problems. Only then can they administer the psilocybin to these patients. Their findings discovered that psilocybin is addictive and can treat alcoholism, SUD (Substance Use Disorder), cocaine, and nicotine addiction. It was further backed by different studies from many institutions like UCLA and New York University.

Basic Needs For Making Shrooms Tea

The quality of the tea you pick to mix your shrooms with, will in a way, harmonize well to shape the quality of the trip you will have. So careful consideration is required when choosing a tea mixture for your shrooms. When you want to make your shroom tea, some things are crucial to have around. Some of these include:

  • A sensitive scale
  • A strainer
  • A chopping board
  • A cannabis grinder

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Is there risk associated with Psilocybin tea and shrooms?

It is essential to know that the trip resulting from drinking magic mushroom tea is more potent and occurs quicker. If you are new to shrooms tea, ensure you take this in any environment where you feel safe and secure. For those battling one medical condition or another, it is necessary to consult medical personnel or a psychedelic therapist before you consume shrooms. Afterward, you may then proceed to buy shrooms online in Canada from Deadhead chemist and enjoy your best trip ever.

Varieties of Shroom drinks

You can make your tinctures and shroom tea from other types of mushrooms other than Psilocybin mushrooms. The Tibetan and ancient Chinese medicine adopted Cordyceps, another variety of fungi blending ginger and similar herbs. Yarsa gumba or Keera jhar and other species of C.sinesis are recommended by transitional doctors for curing disease. You can mix them with spices like ginger or use them alone.

Which Tea Options are Best for Shrooms Tea?

Here are a few tea options worth considering, regardless of how you choose to consume your shrooms. You can mix them with your shrooms tea or take them separately. They have not limited to the shrooms tea alone; you can also take these teas after eating your shrooms.

Ginger: If you want to embark on your first shroom trip, you must take the ginger option. It helps deal with nausea, and it can aid digestion.

Chamomile: It has a way of containing any possible side effects attached to your trip. It helps keep the digestive system calm which helps deal with nausea. It deals with anxiety by keeping the body and mind at peace.

Lavender: It helps to fight stress and gives you the guarantee of a good rest. If you feel nervous when you want to go on your shroom trip, then this is the right tea option for you.

Tulsi: It is famous as the “Holy Basil.”It helps relax the muscles and calm the nerves. According to Paul Stamets’s column, it’s one of the most lauded herbs you can combine with shrooms. You can take it before, during, and even after your shroom trip.

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